Smart Charging

Easy, efficient, and insightful. It helps you track and manage electric car charging right from your Smartphone or computer.

1. What is smart charging? :

Smart charging refers to a system where an electric vehicle and a charging device share a data connection, and the charging device shares a data connection with a charging operator.

As opposed to traditional (or dumb) charging devices that aren’t connected to the cloud, smart charging allows the charging station owner to monitor, manage, and restrict the use of their devices remotely to optimize energy consumption.

With cloud-based solutions, only sky is the limit (pun intended). Smart EV charging service can be modified: it is effortless to add and remove features and create a system that suits your needs. New features can also be added and updated to existing charging stations. This is why smart EV charging is also future-proof. Changing demands and hopes will be turned into new features, and added into the smart system as the world keeps changing.

Electric cars connected to the grid with smart charging create a symbiosis with the power grid — they support each other. Without smart charging, this connection wouldn't exist and EVs could become a burden on the grid.👇

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2. How does smart EV charging work?

Smart EV charging is powered by an intelligent back-end solution that brings real-time data from connected charging devices and charging events to the charging station owner’s fingertips.

As stations are connected to the cloud, they can be managed based on various signals: such as fickle energy production, local electricity consumption, amount of other vehicles being charged or electrical devices being used on a nearby premise. In order to create a more sustainable energy system based on renewable energy sources, EV charging has to be smart.

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Real-time monitoring

The current consumption, charging and energy generation situation on-site are monitored in real-time.

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Dynamic load management

The available charging capacity is adapted to the current energy consumption in the building.

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All information in one place

All customer data is bundled in the manage dashboard. Monitor and control the charging stations remotely from there.

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Instant anomaly detection

Faults that occur at charging stations are immediately forwarded and enable active customer support.

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Reduction of administrative efforts

The multi-client capability allows assigning right and areas of responsibility on a granular level.

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White label

Interfaces across the entire solution are adapted to match your corporate identity.

4 benefits of charging with Smart Charging Management

  • Keeps an eye on your charging sessions
  • It gives you insights into charging transactions and charging behaviour, helping you easily manage the settlement and reimbursement of charging costs.

  • Gets you on the road
  • It tracks all active charging sessions and allows you to start and stop remote charging whenever you want, making sure everyone hits the road fully charged.

  • Gives you full control over your energy use
  • It balances the power consumption and simplifies the management of multiple charging stations, making sure they can charge efficiently at all times, without affecting any of your other facilities.

  • Helps you to scale up
  • It allows you to add an unlimited number of users and charging stations to your account, thanks to its exceptional computing power and storage. Your staff, visitors, and customers will switch onto electric—It prepares you for this transition

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