Fast Charger

Fast, flexible, and reliable. With its powerful output up to 350 kW, Tucker’s Fast sets a whole new standard for fast charging stations.
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Charge electrifyingly fast :

Tucker’s secure and user-friendly design makes it accessible and applicable anywhere, by any electric car. Its smart power management capabilities will always ensure the cost-effective and energy-efficient management of multiple units.

Ultra fast

Equipped with a power(ful) output between 50–350 kW, our fast and ultrafast charging stations can charge up to 125 km in 30 mins (50 kW), and up to 400 km in just 15 mins (350 kW).


With its unique auto-retractable cables, rugged high-impact housing, advanced heating system, and high-quality power electronic components,fast and ultrafast charging stations are fully reliable and made to last.

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From grid connection cost savings via the optional battery storage to smart queuing capabilities,fast and ultrafast charging stations know how to consume the available power efficiently.

The full package

Much more than just an electric car charging station, we provide you with a full-service package to make your life easier. Tucker’s BusinessLine is perfect for.

Tucker’s FastLine is perfect for

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Go electric, your way

  • Request a quote

  • After you request a quote, our team will be in contact within one business day to inquire more about your situation and answer any questions you may have.

  • Get your site surveyed

  • We’ll send a technician for a site survey to assess power requirements, identify ideal locations for the chargers, and more.

  • Connect with an installer

  • We’ll refer an approved installation partner to you, so you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving qualified installation work from highly-trained professionals.

  • Receive set up support

  • Once the installation is complete, we’ll assist you to make sure all charging points are correctly registered and help you make the most of our charging management software platform

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    Key Features

    Easy transportation, installation, and maintenance

    Modular and durable components make it easy to transport, install, and maintain. That's why Tucker’s FastLine fits well into any type of (existing) layout—even in compact spaces.

    It is equipped with a utility power cabinet, which allows the energy meter and electrical protections to be installed safely inside the charging station. This doesn't require any additional space and eliminates the cost of an auxiliary electrical cabinet.

    It allows you to monitor uptime and provide assistance remotely. Additionally, all firmware updates can be implemented from the backend.

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    Technical specs

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    Charging capacity

    50kW-350 kW

    Connector type

    CCS 2 , CHAdeMo & GB/T

    Input power

    415 V, 32 A

    Temperature range

    -25°C to +60°C


    Floor/ Ground


    350 kg (max.)

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