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These chargers are manufactured as per Bharat AC001 specifications suitable for all type of vehicles and has three outlet of 3.3KW each with IEC60309 socket. The Charger comes with OCPP1.6 for getting your charger online by connecting to the central management system for remote management. These chargers are best suited for public charging and captive use for charging fleets.

  • Key Features
  • Key Technical Specifications

  • Modular scalability for charging next generation cars.

  • Simultaneous charging of up to three cars.

  • Up to 15A @230V charging.

  • Output power rating- 3.3KW Max.

  • Input Plug Type- 3 pin Female Connector

  • User friendly LCD display for customer interface

  • Wired/wireless connectivity for integration with CMS.

  • Battery backup for billing and data sync with CMS.

  • Easy to install, operate and service.

  • Safety Measures- Emergency stop button.

  • Output Connector Compliance Standard-IEC 60309.

  • Robust IP45 ingress protection.

  • Built- in network connectivity(OCPP).

  • Input Voltage 3L + N + PE; 370-460Vac
    Power Factor >0.98
    User Authentication OCPP 1.6 (Upgradable upto OCPP 2.0)
    ON-OFF (Start-Stop) switches Simple Push button type
    Support Language English (Other Language Optional)
    Display and User Interface 7” Touch screen
    Operating Temperature -25ºC to +50ºC
    Push Button Emergency Stop (Mushroom headed push button)
    Ambient Temperature Range 0ºC to +55ºC
    IP Protection IP45
    Output Plug 3 AC
    Plug Type IEC 60309, (3 Pin Female Connector)
    Power Output 9.9KW (3.3KW each)
    Output Voltage 230V (+6% and -10%) Single Phase, 15A as per IS 12360 AC.
    Cable Length 5 Mt
    Safety Parameters Safety and protection to be ensured for India Specific environment (As Per AIS 138 Part1)
    Suggested Cable Security PMAO and the vehicle connector outlet to have provision for lock mechanism during charging to ensure the safety of the cable
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